SIGMA 50-500 "old" vs "new"


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Dear all,
Who has any “comparative experience” with the SIGMA 50-500 “BIGMA” Zoom “old vs. new”.
My question in particular: Is it worthwhile to up-grade from the older non HSM version to the new one?
What advantages are there - if any ??
I’ve got the K-5 and have the older BIGMA and I’m contemplating this up-grade.

(OPTION: Are there any alternatives - I also do occasional videos, so the usual cropping would be rather difficult...)

Thanks for any feedback – or helpful links, if this topic was discussed elsewhere before


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I had the old one and now have the new.

The OS version supposedly has better optics but to be honest I have found very little in it. I got some great shots on the old one at 500mm and get the same on the new version. The main differences are HSM and OS (and when I compare Pentax SR to Sigmas OS there is no real benefit apart from a stable image in the viewfinder).

Personally, knowing what I know now I probably wouldn't bother.
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Thanks - Looks like I might hang on to old one



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I've been fortunate to try all the Sigmas (old and new) and still maintain the 150 500 to be much sharper.

Just my two cents
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just had a look at some of your photos on your homepage:
EXCELLENT stuff - congrats !

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QuestionableCarrot wrote:

I've been fortunate to try all the Sigmas (old and new) and still maintain the 150 500 to be much sharper.

I've owned both the 50-500 and the 150-500 and I agree 100% with Alistair's comments above. The 150-500 is miles sharper at all focal lengths than the 50-500. Of course, that could just be down to the copy of the 50-500 I had, but I can only base my findings on my own experiences. The 50-500 was the 'old' one and my current 150-500 is the non-OS version.


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