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Hi there. After a lot of consideration I am thinking of getting the Sigma 18-250 Macro. this seems to be a new lens from Sigma with revamped size and weight. Also on Dx0 tests shows up as equal to the tamron 18-270. As the new pentax 18-270 sounds like a re-badged tamron the Sigma seems to nbe a better option for the money with it being 2/3 the price.
Srs don't stock this new macro lens but I can get it from WEX, which is fairly local, and the possibly clincher till end of FEB is free sigma filter from Sigma and extended warranty.

Anyone out there already using the new Macro version with any opinions, good or bad? One question I would ask is whether the Pentax version does actually have OS or not as the older version on a Pentax seems to have it?

The lens would probably go on my K-x full time being such an alrounder leaving leaving the K5 to have a longer Sigma fitted.



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Patty wrote:
One question I would ask is whether the Pentax version does actually have OS or not as the older version on a Pentax seems to have it?


The new Sigma does not have OS. Sigma have dropped OS again from Pentax and Sony mount lenses.


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The K-x has inbuilt stabilisation so you don't need it on a lens
let the education continue

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The Sigma 150-500 has inbuilt OS which I find is the better system to use for sporting shots. With the Sigma system you can have it set for panning or multi directional for stationary shots. This is definitely better to see the OS working through the viewfinder.

With the Pentax system you can only see it working in live view and its not very good trying to pan a camera with it set at 500mm through the rear screen, especially when you finally take the picture and the screen goes blank as the mirror and shutter activates.

This is the reason I hoped the new 18-250 had inbuilt OS.



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What do you mean you can see the OS system through the viewfinder? I have that lens and didn't realise there was something in the viewfinder telling me if it is working.


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With the Lens OS switched to ON on the lens and camera body SR switched OFF, as you take a picture (hand held) the image you actually see in the viewfinder stabilises. If you have the lens OS swiched off and the inbuilt Pentax body shake reduction swiched ON as you take the picture the image seen still shakes.

With liveview you can see the pentax system working as you view through the LCD on the back of the camera.

Try it,give it a shake.

Dave, I presume you mean you have the Sigma 150-500.

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