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Hello from Northern Ireland, been stalking the forum for a while now. Just purchased a K5 (first pentax) from SRS following all the positive reviews of the company in the forums. Looking forward to first outing this weekend.



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Welcom, Damian!! It's been years since I was last in Norn Iron, so it'd be great to see what the place looks like now.


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Hello stalker person
Better equipment enhances my ability to display my shortcomings.


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K5!! you lucky man. Have fun and enjoy the site and forums
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Hello and welcome!

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Welcome Damian.
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Thanks Guys for the words of welcome. Really looking forward to the camera.

Steven if you havent been to NI for a few years you wouldn't recognise it. Clearly the landscape hasn't changed but the changes driven by the political process has bought a lot of positives; infrastructure investment (whole new cityscape), strong growth in arts and culture, it really is a very different place. Well worth a visit, lots of photops.

I'll try and see what I can do to promote it on this site, my limitations with a camera aside



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Damian - I always remember one time during "the troubles" when I was driving down the M2, heading for Dublin from Larne. I got a puncture on the motorway at about 6-7am on a Sunday morning, and looking about me I saw a mural on one side of the motorway depicting Bobby Sands, and opposite side of the motorway was another mural depicting the UVF/UDA. Believe me when I tell you that I could show these guys in the pit lanes of Formula One how to change a tyre quickly!!

I'm glad these days are just a memory (more or less) now.
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Ireland is a great place, and last time I was there was way too long ago. Happened to be driving from NI down to the south over night after a late ferry crossing. I was zooming down the empty road near the border, rounded a bend and came upon an unannounced checkpoint! Slammed on brakes, much tyre screeching, too late to stop so thought best chance of survival was acceleration... Scariest thing I've ever done, and I've been in some hairy situations. Like the man said, glad that whole situation is over!
Better equipment enhances my ability to display my shortcomings.
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