Sensor cleaning (again)


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There was a thread here but Iíve lost it. Anyhow I recently noticed some spots when processing so I did a test by snapping a blank white screen. In the Lightroom spot removal tool I was staggered to see how many there were, but I suppose I shouldnít be surprised as itís the first time I have tried this since buying the K1. At the back of the drawer I found the Pentax sticky lollipop thing and tried that but it made no difference so it needs something more drastic like a wet clean. During my searches of all the different products with mixed reviews Visible Dust said that for sensors with no bypass filter their orange swabs are strongly recommended rather than their green ones, but no explanation why, but at £20.00 for four are way more expensive than other makes. Does anyone know what that is about?

I have ordered a static sensor brush but decided to have a professional clean this time and henceforth carry out more routine checks, and if necessary get a wet clean system in the future as needed.


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Fresh battery, mirror up, (very careful) blasting with a rocket blower will shift a lot of it.
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Sensors get dirty and can cause annoying spots on your pictures. Dust and debris can penetrate your camera and that is why it is very important to have your sensor checked and cleaned on a regular basis.
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Morning Rob,

I use an Arctic Butterfly to do mine, a brush that spins to generate static and the dust adheres to the brush, you then spin it again to throw the dust into the air, comes with a Lupe to examine the sensor. If yours is as bad as you suggest, it may need a wet clean first, but worth having a look.

I find having used it a few times, over the years, for whatever reason, the sensor seems to attract less and less dust and I do change the lenses during a shoot and in all conditions.

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I too use an Arctic Butterfly brush on the very rare occasion that I need to clean the sensor.
I bought it when I had the Ds, and though it seemed a lot of money at the time for a twirling brush, the investment was worth it.


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I end up having to clean my K-50 sensor about 2-3 times a year...maybe more noticeable because I shoot a lot of aircraft and the spots show up against the sky too easily. Had to do the same with my K-x.

Must have cleaned sensor(s) about 6-7 times altogether, just use a £15 kit from Amazon with liquid and APS-C sized 'scrapers'...for want of a better description.

So far no problems...occasionally I have to do the same job twice as not cleaned properly the first time but surprisingly quick and easy. No way i'd pay someone £30-£40 to do it.


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I use a rocket blower followed by an Arctic butterfly ... seems to shift everything.
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Mike-P wrote:
I use a rocket blower followed by an Arctic butterfly ... seems to shift everything.

Well my sensor looked like I had sneezed after a mouthful of Weetabix, blowers and the sticky thing didnít touch it! Anyhow itís back from LCE now and hopefully spotless. Nigel Dansonís YouTube video of a few months ago gives a really clear demo of cleaning a sensor, worth a look. (Sorry cannot post the link Iím on an iPad).
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