Sennen Surfers ICM/Multiple Exposures


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Nigelk wrote:
walkeja wrote:
What is the point?

What's the point of what? I'm not sure what you're asking.
Perhaps think of your own photograph "Fly the Flag" I think it was called. Consider your photograph then come back to these and look afresh maybe.

Great that this set has sparked a little discussion.

If you look at the above mentioned photograph, the pole is sharp, the flag is blurred by sepping down the aperture' a lot different to blurring the whole photograph by camera movement, so what is the point?
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so what is the point?

Thanks for this John... I’ve answered this question in detail in my post towards the bottom of page 1 of this thread...




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The first looks like a painting, almost Pointillism, and I quite like number 4, but got to say these are not really doing it for me I am afraid.

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Thanks Andy, Serge and Peter... good to have your thoughts/comments on these...

Serge, thanks for your detailed thoughts... very useful as ever... yes, I agree, the middle shots are probably more concerned with the movement of the surfers themselves, the first few/last few (what would probably be called “establishing shots” in the TV world) more minimalist, more impressionistic, and more to do with establishing the context...

Particularly re your reference to “Impressionism”, and also Peter’s to “Pointillism”... one of the many inspirations for this project came from the painter Kurt Jackson, who paints a lot round this area, and who’s work I happen to particularly admire... I came across some work he did on surfers a couple of years back (Obsession), and was struck by the similarity to my eye of some of his paintings to In Camera Multiple Exposures in terms of style/feel... not the only ingredient to this project, but definitely one of them...

Thanks and best

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Yes Bill I can see the similarities.

The fact that a set of pictures may not please everyone does not make it bad art. Top marks for you for trying it. If we don't push the boundaries we will never create anything new. The early impressionist painters were regarded with distain by the classical school artists.

ps. don't cut off your ear

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A bit of a polarizing set, it really does seem to have split into an either love em or hate em thing,
I particularly like 3, 6 and 8.
I am quite enjoying these experiments, and think it definitely deserves more time to be spent on refining and honing your technique.

As has been said already, without experimentation we would never progress.
Keep up the good work.

I know what i like, If not always why.


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Ah yes, I too see how some of that work might have inspired you, Bill. The video on that webpage is pretty interesting, too!


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1 and 11 really have something IMO. (In no. 1 it looks like the surfers are rapidly self-replicating!)


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Thanks Peter, Derek, Serge and Will... all thoughts much appreciated my end...

Peter... ha, yes, excellent advice... lugholes still intact... and intend to keep it that way...

Derek... thank you... experimentations will continue... I find it tends to feed the rest of the photos I take, which is ultimately pretty useful...

Serge, haven’t watched the video as yet, but will do... thanks for the heads up...

Will, yes, no.1 was on taken on additive (incremental) Multiple Exposure mode, so self replicating was exactly what was going on...

Thanks again all...




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These are superbly executed and so far from the norm that regardless of whether or not everyone likes them, they certainly deserve a lot of praise and credit.

I like some more than others, 1 & 2 particularly because the multi-exposure makes the sea look crowded with surfers. I wish I were this creative.

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Thanks David... good to have your thoughts... much appreciated...


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