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Saw this group , Section 5 - Hastings Drummers down on the seafront leading The Walk Of Light - Hastings Pier to Rock 'on Ore
(in Memory of the young boy Harley Simpson, tragically killed in Bexhill Road)


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You won't be much help writing people's essays for them with just a lens. I was under the impression that submitting an essay as your own work for an exam when someone else wrote it is illegal. I presume this is why more importance is going to be given to end of term exams now with less reliance on (someone else's) course work. I guess in reality you've just a come here to spam given it has nothing to do with the thread you've posted your backlink in.
John K
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.....and if you are going to write an essay for someone you need to brush up on your grammar.

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It's best not to reply to spam posts. It potentially makes them less easy to spot as more posts follow, and also encourages spammers to return as they are getting notifications of replies.
Best regards, John
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