Scottish Parliament Building Study


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Have not picked up the camera in about a month or so decided to challenge myself Tuesday by taking on one of my least favorite buildings. Cursed in inception & construction, ignored in reception & appreciation, the building now sits (together with the Edinburgh Tram project) nullifying the myth that Scots are canny, thrifty, organised & determined.

Suffering design flaws, the death of the architect during construction, a costly project management system, the building also suffered from the after effects of 9/11 as many anti-terrorist measures were shoe horned into the design. An inquiry had to be held to come to terms with the monumental overspend, this inquiry decreed that civil servants should not have been put in charge of such a projects, however just a few years later, in the same city, civil servants were again left in charge of the tram project, and well.... lesson not learned.

Anyway, £414m and what do you get? Something that looks like it could be an administration building on the Israeli/Palestine border. Or, I've never been to Reykjavik, but I've always thought this is what the airport might look like.

It's quite nice inside though...

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The Scottish Parliament building looks like Cumbernauld chewed it up, then spat it out, and dumped the remnants at the far side of Edinburgh! (If you've ever visited Cumbernauld town centre, you'll understand).

Somehow, you've managed to turn an architectural abomination into something resembling a cubist painting though, so well done!!


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I'm suffering the same 'photo malaise' at the mo, so nice to see 'affirmative action' from a fellow sufferer - and hats off for taking on this (in)famous building.

Really interesting set - #4 is particularly striking. Something here about the contrast between the old background buildings and modern concrete shapes, with the long exposure sky adding an air of unreality, which I really really like.

Hopefully Scotchland will be able to avoid these sorts of public investment fiascos after winning Independence

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A nice set Sean, 3 and 4 are my picks of the bunch
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Excellent images Sean, 3 and 4 for me are the ones I'm most drawn to.

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Good set- you've managed, as it were, to make a silk purse of a sow's ear.
BTW the tram project was promoted and pushed through by the town council. You can't blame anyone but them for that


Link Posted 27/04/2013 - 00:58
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 9 for me - all excellent shots and processing

I think I would have brightened up the two gents a bit in #9 with a local adjustment brush though.

I alos lik the idea of the back end of a taxi in the shot in #1 but feel it could have worked a lot better with only the rear end
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Cheers chaps! Yes, Cumbernauld next, that should be a challenge
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Interesting challenge, odd bulding and nicely captured
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