Samyang 35mm and the Pentax-M 200 mm test drives


Link Posted 17/12/2015 - 12:45

The last 28 shots in the above gallery were taken today -- "test drives" of the Samyang 35mm and the Pentax-M 200 mm.

The Samyang 35mm impresses me enormously. A couple of shots, especially the one of Ben standing hunched-over in the dry river-bed struck me as extremely dramatic. All of the 35mm shots came out in good detail, accurate color and good IQ.

The manual Pentax-M 200 was another story. There is probably nothing wrong with the lens but it apparently requires more of a learning curve, at least for me. A wasn't always getting focus confirmation and assumed that if I was shooting something at infinity, as long as I had the focus ring set on infinity I was okay. Apparently not. Those shots were blurred.

I had been comparing the K5, K5iis, K3 etc. One of the K3 improvements was a better viewfinder. I think the K5iis's inadequate viewfinder was hindering me in getting a focus with the 200mm. I sent for a PENTAX expand o-me53 eyecup Perhaps that will help me using the K5iis for manual lenses -- although I have just this one (the 200MM) manual lens that doesn't have an "A" lock. The Samyang lenses do and work fine with the K5iis.

I spoke earlier of hiking with three LTD primes. If I'm hiking with Samyang primes, two of them will fill my bag. I don't know whether the Samyang 35mm or the 85mm impresses me more, perhaps the 35mm. The shots seem flawless in every respect, excellent resolution, accurate color, and when I expand the shots as much as I am able I don't seem to lose any detail. I had everything I shot today in lightroom but in shot after shot from the 35mm decided that any change I considered would make the shot worse than what I got straight out of the camera.

If anyone is interested enough to look at these, they are mixed in with the 200mm manual lens shots. Perhaps those 200mm shots were a little darker than they should be. I probably should have changed the exposure a bit in lightroom.

I'm feeling like a Luddite when so many seem to be longing for a K1. I have been interested in discussions surrounding the K1, but just the other day checked the prices of Nikon full-frame cameras and can't see spending that much for a camera that will be heavier and require some new "heavy" lenses to get the best out of. And would a K1 be able to give me better Image Quality (which is what I'm primarily interested in) than the better shots taken with the 35mm today? Not (IMHO) unless you blew the FF shots up larger than I have the capability of enlarging them.

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