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I know there's been some discussion about the manual focus 85mm f/1.4's made by this company on here before (also branded as Falcon, Vivitar & rokinon amongst others)

Just thought I'd mention that there is a 14mm f2.8 due in November. It probably wont interest the digi-only guys but may interest the film users here as it has an aperture ring & covers the 35mm frame.

Some early sample shots here , which actually make me want to return to Krakow for a visit !
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It's price may well make it interesting to us digi-only guys! About 250.

There are some NEF Raw samples here.,5,download

The sample shots look very good indeed, very reasonable edge to edge sharpness and very low CA with no sign of purple fringing, difficult to judge distortion with the sample shots, but they look okay, nothing to suggest anything extreme.

14mm is almost an ideal ultra wide FOV on APS-C at approx 90 deg, anything much wider begins to produce a rather unnatural perspective stretch. I shall keep an eye open for this lens to appear, at 259 (approx 235), it looks very attractive indeed.
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I'm hoping it would drop a little from there too. The 85mm can be had for under 200 on evilbay.

Certainly one to keep an eye on I think. I've been considering the 85mm which looks sharp wide open. but trying to manually nail the focus with such limited dof could prove tricky. Of course the extra dof that 14mm will provide means it should be fairly easy to get relevant focus out of the wide option.

I believe they do a 8mm fisheye also, but that's only aps-c coverage.
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I'd recommend the 85mm - especially if you think you'd spend most of your time close to wide open where it performs at its best. The bokeh is amazingly smooth and as you say the lens is sharp too (at least the bits that you nail the focus to!). I got mine (Opteka) from 47th Street Photo, which is cheap on EBay but a little more expensive on Amazon. However, with the latter you've paid taxes and duties, whereas with Ebay you take the risk that the Inland Revenue may ask you to cough up some more before you receive the lens....

If you can get to a LCE, they stock them, but the prices aren't anything to shout about.

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JonSchick wrote:

If you can get to a LCE, they stock them, but the prices aren't anything to shout about.

Or perhaps they are!

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Jon, you wouldn't have any 85mm shots you'd care to share with us would you ?
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