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A topic for which I am compiling a portfolio; the costumes can be rather jarring and they are taken in different conditions so to bring some cohesiveness they are all monochrome. Here are a few from this year, the latest being today. They are all taken with the K1 + 70-200 f2.8 with the exception of no.3 for which the 150-450mm was used:

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No 3 for fantastic photo, just love the perspective that you managed to catch the runner within the mid tone along side the highlight, so very nice and no 4 for humour and no 6 for achievement by sheer joy of the participant.
Really good set of B@W with intention.
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Wrong title - it should have been 'Masochists' .

Seriously, though, this is a seriously good set and the mono treatment works well. I usually glance and pass on with people photos, they're just not my thing, but these made me stop and look.



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These are so good. Shows the emotions in many of the people's faces; the pain; the joy of completing something; sharing success and supporting each other; hugs. The large guy with the sunglasses does it for me. The sheer joy he's showing, (plus, look at the plasters he has on. That's powerful, let's you know that he's been through some challenges and come through.)

As Lubbyman says, 'this is a seriously good set and the mono treatment works well.'
Be well, stay safe.


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These are quite wonderful.
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A super collection capturing the atmosphere, mood and moment.

Best regards
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Wow! I am blown away by your kind comments. I also have some taken with my Olympus but I must say that comparatively the K1 files are a joy to process, especially when it comes to noise and sharpness. Get it right with this kit and nothing can beat it, ok tracking isnít great and it weighs about 3x as much but when it comes to useable files I get just as many if not more.


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Sheer quality - your ability to pick the moment coupled with composition and choice of mono presentation has all come together in this set


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3 and 4 for me
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K1 heavy? When did you last pick up a Canon? A professional friend handed me his recently and I nearly dropped it !
Both the *istDS and the K5 are incurably addicted to old glass

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Superb, every one! The tightness of composition (in most) and, as already said, the mono presentation suit the subjects brilliantly.
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