rough ring!! - zoom'aperature selection ring''s rough


Link Posted 19/04/2003 - 16:05
Need Help!!

I've got a hand me down vivitar zoom, a very good lens and all in good condition other than the aperture 'selection-ring' (for want of a better word) gets really stiff. I dont know if anybody is familiar with the ring's design- a 1mm diameter ball-bearing, pushed up into the small grooves around the ring at the various f-stops as it is rotated. I have opened this about a half dozen times and tried to clean it out, and this seems to have an effect, but only for a short while after before it starts getting rough again. So I am pretty sure that it is just dust, or very fine grit or something getting into and around the ring. But I'm wanting to get it fixed permanently and not have to open it up and clean it out every time I use it. Any suggestions on how to clean it more thoroughly? Or is my best bet to bring it to a camera repair shop and get them to clean it out completely-I dont really want to waste my money if they just repeat what I do. ???



Link Posted 21/04/2003 - 19:25
I only opened one lens up ever - a SMC Pentax-A 50mm f1.7 - and I spent a long time looking very sadly at a desktop littered with strangely shaped bits of metal that had undefined and uninterpretable functions. I never opened another lens no matter how simple it looked!

I have a sneaking suspicion that it will be more cost effective to purchase another Vivitar lens. I recently got a quote for a simple clean of a lens diaphragm of 75.00, presumably because it is a job that takes time and time is expensive. How much would a replacement lens cost?

Hope these thoughts are of assistance.

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Link Posted 01/08/2003 - 17:18
The 50mm f1.7A is notorious for messed up aperture rings. Mine is the same way. It takes a little more effort to turn the ring, but the aperture works fine. The lens was a lot cheaper than a new one, so I can put up with it. It doesn't effect the optics at all. Besides with the A lenses, there is always Auto mode.
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