Ricoh GR (special edition?)


Link Posted 01/11/2017 - 21:17
Hello Pentax Users,

I'm a life long Pentax user and joined this site about a year ago. I haven't been on in months and the photos I've uploaded and my profile appear to be gone..
Anywho, I posting this message to see if anyone can help me identify this camera. I recently purchased a Ricoh GR from Japan. I've been wanting a GR and came across this unique version and took a chance ordering it. It was listed as a limited (or special) version. However, it's not the green and black limited edition I'm familiar with. My camera is black with a brown (or ox blood) wood grip. The wood has a distinct burl or tortoise shell look. It also appears to be a Ricoh GR I (it doesn't have wifi). In doing research I've found some rare limited editions (like a blue one), but none like the one I recently purchased. Fortunately, the camera is working very well - so I don't think it's a knock-off. Any input you might have will be much appreciated. Thanks, Rick


Link Posted 01/11/2017 - 21:22
Hi, welcome back
This might give a clue (perhaps.)
There is one similar shown.
John K
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Hey John, Yep there it is.. So it's the Ricoh customization program. Thank you very much for the lead.
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