RIAT 2018 Static and Taxi


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A selection from about a quarter of the static display and aircraft taxying during the display. The flying display overran...we only had about 50-55 mins after we had packed up to get round the nearest part of the static to us before the airfield shut at 1930.

1. Spartan sunroof

2. Dutch Apache

3. F-35A

4. Belgian Air Force ERJ-135

5. Vampire single seater

6. Japanese Air Self Defence Force Kawasaki C-2

7. 3 Amigos

8. SU-27 chute

9. Irish Air Corps (this one for Derek)

10. Mirage 2000D of Couteau Delta

11. Ex-RAF

12. SU-27 Ukrainian Air Force


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Great shots! I've not even started selecting mine yet.
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Cheers Peter.

I took about 1500 this year...by a small margin my most ever on one day. Takes a long time constantly shuttling back and fro, and that's after viewing them all at least once to see what you've got. Not helped either by an anomaly i've noticed with the use of compatible batteries on my K-50 over several years so not a one-off.

After 500 shots on one battery the camera automatically starts to open another folder and puts the next 500 images in that then closes it and opens another folder.

I've got 4 different folders from the day's shooting rather than one long one and have to keep exiting one and going into a different one when looking for particular aircraft.

The batteries never allow you to take more than 500 images before coming up wth the message..."battery depleted"...so you have to change batteries then which triggers the new folders. With the OEM battery which I used last on this occasion it allowed me to take more than 500
shots in one go.

Anyway i'll post some more over the next two days then that'll be it for this year.

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I so wanted to see the SU-27 in the air!

Nice set
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cardiffgareth wrote:
I so wanted to see the SU-27 in the air!

Nice set

Yeah, it is definitely one of the highlights although both times i've seen it there it has been on quite late in the schedule...probably to persuade people to stay until the end!

Cheers Gareth.


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