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Hi all,
I used to use this site to read up about the pentax lenses, I had a KX which was a great camera but quite a lot of paid indoor sports work came my way so I swiftly moved to canon and invested lots of my hard earned money in to Canon kit.
After a couple of years one night after working my kit was stolen from a car. Unfortunately despite me having business insurance the insurance company decided to not pay out due to where some of the kit was being stored during the time of the break in.
This was early in december and obviously this got me a bit down as I was left with nothing. I was so depressed abut the whole situation I haven't been able to even consider getting some more kit or even taking a phone camera picture and avoided most of the forums until recently stumbling on this forum again. Reading up on the threads on this forum has made me realise why I originally got in to photography and the hours of research I used to do on pentax lenses. Even when I first made the switch to canon i would stick the pentax lenses on canon bodies, I wouldn't use them on the canon for paid work but I used to love playing around with the old smc manual lenses on my 60d with the eos adapter in my spare time. I did have a 5d mark 3 too but for some reason the old pentax lenses didn't work on this and I was about to figure out why when my fairly new 5d3 was stolen.
Anyway I am getting back in to photography just for fun this time and so I can just enjoy taking pictures again so no need for a canon body and looking at all the pentax options available to me. Not bothered about low light fast auto focussing any more but would still like good quality images. Considering a k5 but wondering if a k20 will do me to get me started again???
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Hi Steve, good to hear you are getting over a bit of a shock and that you are coming back to Pentax. I would probably advise you to look at either a K-30 or a K-5 rather than a K20. You have clearly been used to very capable kit and both the K-30 and the K-5 will deliver consistency of results in all conditions. The K20 will be a bit poorer in low light from an image noise perspective.

You could even consider a K-x or a K-r, although entry level bodies they are both superb in terms of image quality, but you would lose out on ergonomics and weather sealing when compared to the K-30 or K-5.

I hope you get your camera soon and can enjoy taking pictures again.


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Thanks for the advice. Yes not really considered the k30 I think it was because when I originally started out the k5 was my dream camera and now they are looking a much more affordable option 2nd hand. I'll take a look at the k30 and watch some review videos.
The kx/kr bang for buck are both exceptional cameras the only thing which niggles me is not having the duel front and rear controls I think it would bug me, but for the quality and price it is an option which wouldn't hurt financially and probably would't even need to bother with the extra cost of insurance until i have a few lenses.


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The K30-with dual control wheels - is pretty capable. I came from a K20 to a K5, then added a K30 as back-up whilst my K5 was away for repairs. I don't find the K30 loses any of the IQ of the K5 despite the 12/14bit disadvantage for the k30. The buffer for the K3o is smaller than the K5, but the 30 has focus peaking which I find a real boon when using manual focus lenses. I don't think you will be disappointed in the K30.
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Hello & welcome Steve.

Sorry to hear of your situation of late, but a return to Pentax is hopefully a good thing!

I've sent you a PM re a K20 body. Although a new user you will be able to reply.



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Hello and welcome
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There are a couple of K5's on this forum at very reasonable prices, I already have one otherwise I'd be there immediately!
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