Remote shutter control for KS2 from iMac


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The ks2 has Image Sync to enable control from iOS and Android but I would really like to control the camera from and download to my iMac directly. I can see and connect the camera when its wifi is enabled but nothing further. It needs some Linux commands, no doubt, to actually communicate. I am no longer savvy about these things.
Does anyone know of some suitable software? I could run to a PC laptop if really necessary.
There is a USB port but I have no clue how to do anything other than file transfer that way. (Same with the HDMI socket)


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I've read somewhere that you can run the Android app on MacOS with appropriate software. See link. Not yet tried this myself.



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Also this may give you some pointers -
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Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately there is more Windows stuff available than OS X. My urgent need is more for remote controlling the camera than for file transfer. You can't so much as cough in the vicinity when you are doing a five minute exposure, despite my highly expensive tracking mount.


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It seems that I was able to run an Android emulator (Nox App Player) with Image Sync on my iMac and that will talk via Wifi to the camera ok. Ir will control the shutter. So I am nearly there. It's a shame that Image Sync is so limited, though. Ideally, I would like to set the sequence of ten exposures of say two minutes each and then go away for a cup of tea. The present system involves pressing a button to get a result. Never mind. The night, by definition, will be pretty clear and there are stars and things to look at with my binoculars.


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Ideally, I would like to set the sequence of ten exposures of say two minutes each and then go away for a cup of tea.

One of these will let you do that. (You'd have to set the exposure on the camera, the control device will fire the shutter at set intervals.)
A K-3 or K-1 will also let you set that up too, the KS-2 is more of a consumer model rather than have those pro features which might confuse the uninitiated!

An uprated Image Sync program is available on CD (Image Transmitter 2)
Not cheap however and don't believe it is compatible with a KS-2!

If the KS-2 offered everything the top end models do, why would anyone buy them?
John K
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