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Hello All,

I am looking for a remote control for my K-5 which will work over a distance of around 10 metres. I want to disguise and mount the camera in a tree in my garden and "catch" birds as they fly to and from various bird-feeders.

I want to be able to trigger the camera from my kitchen window which is further than the 5m achiveable with the two Pentax units available from SRS.

Any of you guy and gals used any other remotes which would work over the required 10 metres?

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Link Posted 30/11/2012 - 13:35
I have the Cactus V4 flash remote triggers which are spec'd at 30m.
Apparently you can wire them up as a remote camera release too
(Have seen it, but not tried - think there was a thread on here...)

EDIT: Here is the Flickr stream that shows how to do it with the v4... must have a go myself

The Cactus V5 are spec'd at 100m and there is an optional Pentax/Canon shutter release cable

EDIT: Cactus also do a Wireless shutter release that is dedicated - 15m.

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7 Day Shop do a cheap one that could meet your requirements. It actuates the focus and shutter, just like pressing the camera button 1/2 way followed by fire.

see :-

Works with my K5 over 35 feet (the length of my garden) for exactly your application - sadly I've yet to get a good shot.

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