Rechargeable 2cr5 battery for PZ-1p


Link Posted 28/11/2003 - 09:43
Dear Friends!

Have anybody tried to use rechargeable 2cr5 battery for Pentax PZ-1p
sold in the UK:

Or have anybody tried Nikon EN-EL1 battery from Nikon Coolpix cameras to use with PZ-1p?



Link Posted 28/11/2003 - 09:54
Nikon EN-EL1 is replacement battery for 2cr5 for use in Nikon Coolpix
digital cameras, it probably shoud work with Pz-1p, but it should be tried


Link Posted 28/11/2003 - 11:41

Not really sure why you would want to when you can get the 2CR5s so very cheaply from (2.09 each)

The rechargables will be lower voltage than the lithium, so don't hold out too much hope for the EN-EL1. However, if you've got both, it's worth a try

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Link Posted 03/12/2003 - 10:34
Rechargeables EN-EL1 are higher voltage than 6V 2cr5 - it is
about 7 volts and something, I think it should work fine, I would
buy it, but I must buy also charger.

Cheap batteries - I can forget it in my country - here such a battery costs
400 slovak crowns = 9 US dollars!!!!


Link Posted 12/01/2004 - 10:59
If somebody has (P)Z-1p and has some friend with Nikon Coolpix camera with EN-EL1 battery, please write here if it worx


Link Posted 08/03/2004 - 15:37
Hi guys,

I've bought a coolpix4300 and the accu I'm using is the EN-EL1 and it works very well

good luck

grtz Roel


Link Posted 03/04/2004 - 01:51
When the PZ-1 first came out, I was using them for weddings, It got expensive in terms of batteries, so I took apart a spent 2cr5 and ran some wires to a 4-AA battery holder which I mounted under the camera. It worked great. I had to make a little hole in the corner of the battery door for the wires, but other than that it just screwed into the tripod socket.

(Kind of like a poor mans MZ-5 battery grip.)

If the batteries are that expensive where you are you might want to fiddle around and see what you can come up with!

Good luck!
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