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Link Posted 04/09/2007 - 16:31
Looking for some advice on tripod heads. I have been looking at ball type heads, but don't know whether to go for the plain screw in type or the quick release type. I understand that the plate is fixed to the camera and then clamps/clicks on to the head instead of screwing the complete head on to the camera. Is the plate something you would leave on the camera permanently (I don't have a bettery grip)? Or is the quick release type only something you would buy if you were going to do a lot of tripod work?


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I prefer the ones with a quick release plate. I don't leave the plate on the camera permanently, however I do fit at the start of any trip where the tripod might be used so it's always available.

My K10D is wearing a quick release plate at the moment and I don't find it gets in the way at all.


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I prefer quick release (QR) plates. For long lenses however, you might need to remove the rubber pad that the lens/camera sits on as it can cause the camera/lens combination to be somewhat less than rigid. I had to do this in order to reduce the movement of my SMCP 135-600mm zoom. Its tripod mount is too far back and leaving the rubber pad in place just wasn't working.

I don't usually leave a plate on the camera but all of my lenses that have a tripod mount have their own QR plate permanently attached.

If you a swapping long lenses, having only one QR plate is about the same as having none.
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The plate's normally on my camera, even when I'm not using the tripod, otherwise it's just something else to lose. I have the battery grip on my K10D, and the manfrotto QR plate I use (the common one) isn't big enough to cause a problem.

Definitely much better than screwing the camera to the tripod every time!

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Once again, thanks for all the advice, it's much appreciated and very helpful. Looks like I'll be going for one with a QR plate.
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