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Hi all
I have tried adding border to my digital images using Picnic which has five types of borders(free version).Irfanview can also batch process borders to the images in a folder or a subfolder.It is hidden in advanced setting as canvas size.
My question is how to add a border to the image and also a watermark within the border, I have seen a example incorporating the watermark/ logo
into the border like this.
I am using Adobe lightroom at present.
So if anyone can guide me I would appreciate it


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In Photoshop Elements I would just increase the canvas size by 10-15% and set the background colour to black. That will produce a black border.

The logo/watermark can be added using the Photoshop's Text Tool.

I don't know Lightroom, but if it cannot do simple things like this I would be very disappointed.
Best regards

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Lightroom is designed as a organiser and catalogue not really for PP although you can do the usual things required if you shoot in RAW including very good cropping tools. If you wish to edit further using layers or making frames etc you need to send from Lightroom to Elements or CS to do this, the image will be returned to Lightroom when you have finished.

Edit: it could, of course, be that you can make frames in Lightroom and it is just that I have not found it.
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If you are talking about batch processing I would use FastStone.It would take two runs, one for the border then one for the watermark.



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I can vouch for all faststone products - I just love them, despite using PhotoShop since 92.
faststone resizer can batch process and will do borders and watermarks and a lot besides IN ONE HIT.
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Faststone does it (just tried)

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Thank you all for your useful suggestions. I used photoscape , it resizes and adds a border in batch process but can not add a logo in to the border.
I will try Faststone as it is easier than using photoshop ,lightroom and some plug in for adding border/logo to image.

Best regards


Link Posted 30/04/2009 - 21:12
I haven't used this but came across it the other day while looking for something else, but there is a LR plugin to add borders on export, etc. The examples in the link looks like what you're after.


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I like FastStone years ago. Months ago, I learn a new software, which resembles FastStone but it can the two tasks at once and for all photos. I used this batch exif editor since then. And the effect is way good.


Link Posted 19/04/2016 - 00:40
The more I use Faststone the more I realise what an amazing (free) product it is. I prefer subdued borders and I change the colour to some dominant one in the picture (and then you can also change its intensity) and I set the width to 1pixel. You can barely see it but it often does wonders for the image. You can set and place the text of a watermark just as easily
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