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Link Posted 16/07/2004 - 05:21

I'm trying to work out how to use my camera. Firstly, when I put it on the picture mode. On the LCD screen, I don't see any pictures.. I see the green square AV which is stuck on 4.5 and doesn't change... lightningbolt, TV and this weird dot with three curved lines next to it. Is there something wrong?

Also, how do I change the aperture? I try doing it but it's not changing. It's staying on 4.5...



Link Posted 16/07/2004 - 10:20

It might help to first go through the symbols. The lightening bolt is flash, the Tv means Time Value (basically the shutter speed) and the funny dot with 3 lines is (I think) an indicator that audiable warnings are on (an annoying bleep when the autofocus locks onto something).

It's probably worth going through the modes to make sure everything is working properly. If you're on 'pict' then the camera does everything and you select a general mode (sport, landscape etc) by moving the rocker switch (located on the shutter button) - you should see the box switching between the various little pictures such as mountains, face etc. on the lcd display. I don't know why you should be missing these pictures. If you select either 'Tv' or 'Av' you get shutter or aperture priority respectively. This allows you to select either the shutter speed or aperture you require and then the camera simply computes the required aperture or shutter speed - remember there is a reciprocal arrangement between shutter and aperture. Try these to see if they do anything. If you select 'm' on the command dial you're in full manual, change aperture using the rocker switch and shutter speed by holding down the small black button under your right thumb and using the rocker (this might be reversed, I can't remember). Try all of these to see if anything works.

If there's still no joy, there are two things that spring to mind. You mention you're on 'pict' mode, it might be that there isn't enough light and the camera wants to open the aperture wider than the lens maximum (i.e go to a value less than 4.5) but it isn't possible with the lens you have. Try pointing the camera at a light and see if that makes any odds. This doesn't explain why you don't get the program pictures though. It may be that your lens aperture ring is not set to 'A'. This setting lets your camera control the aperture, which is the only way in which the MZ-50 can deal with it. If your lens doesn't have this setting (early Pentax ones don't) then the it might be difficult to use on the MZ-50 (it has a lever missing that prevents full use of older k-series lenses). If you have set the lens to 'A' then I'm stuck.

Let me know how you get on

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