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I've just bought a M 85 f/2 from ebay, described as "superb". There are, however, a couple of problems (there is a small amount of dust inside, but I assume that's to be expected.)

The first is that there is clearly some wear to the surface of some of the aperture blades when viewed from the top and closing down. However, there is no sign of oil and the movement is OK, so I guess this is not a problem?

The second issue is that the white nodule is missing and has left a recess with a small hole in it through which I can see some mechanics operate. I know this was for "feeling" the position for mounting and therefore doesn't have any role in taking photographs, but can this cause problems with air/dust getting in? Should it be replaced (I assume gluing a spare one salvaged from another lens) or can it be left?

My first try with the lens has yielded good results (no subjects for portraits yet though!), so I would like to keep it, but the seller does take returns and I want to make sure I haven't landed myself with a problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




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If it's not 'superb', but you've paid a 'superb' price, and you'll fret over the issues with it, I'd return it while you can.

If on the other hand you've bought it at a very good price, it's 'ok' for the money; you're unsure when another one will become available; you've really, really wanted one for as long as you can remember, etc, etc, then keep it


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A repairer could overhaul the lens for you, at a cost of course. Asahi Photo or Harrow Technical may be good places to start.

If advertised as superb and it's not superb why not mention the faults and negotiate a partial refund to help cover the repair cost (which you could get a rough estimate for in advance)?
Best regards, John


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Tony, try to negotiate with seller. I once bought Carl Zeiss with fungus inside. Seller either didn't inspect the lens properly when describing its condition or didn't mention it by intent, I don't know. But he was allright to pay for dissassembly and cleaning of the lens....and that made a deal real bargain.
If you like to keep your lens, try to get seller to cover your service expenses as long as they're rational.


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Gentlemen, thanks for all your swift responses! Although I didn't make it very clear (my fault!) I suppose I'm not so bothered about the transaction itself (although I will go back and negotiate a partial refund if I keep the lens.) I need to understand if the issues could spell danger further down the line. My assessment is:

- Dust: not an issue and no effect on my photography;
- Blade wear: unlikely to get any worse, probably happened during first year of use and it all works fine in that department anyway;
- Nodule: this I'm not sure of? Can I leave it, or should it be replaced?

Anyone with any experience of this? Again, all your help is very gratefully received.




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As a principle of good housekeeping I would replace the index nodule. Having a hole in a lens where there shouldn't be one seems a pity at least, and possibly dust will get in at worst.
Best regards, John


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I've just bought a M 85 f/2 from ebay, described as "superb". There are, however, a couple of problems

Sorry to hear that, I've largely given up buying from eBay now, as an increasing number of my recent purchases have had similar, undisclosed issues and it ends up being more hassle than it's worth.

I think that, as others have suggested, if you paid a 'superb' price, then you should get a superb lens, I'd definitely try to get a refund and find a better copy of the lens.

However, on a more practical level, I really like my M85 and none of the issues with yours sound serious. I'm sure it will work fine as it is, but if you ever want/need to sell it, it would be much easier to sell a superb lens.


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Thanks for the replies. I bought the lens with the view that I could sell on if I found myself not using it. Given that, I would definitely need to get a proper job done and tbh I don't need the hassle. I think it will go back with a note pointing out the issues for the seller when he relists.

It is undoubtedly a good lens and the pictures I've taken live up to expectations, but the missing nodule is the deal-breaker for me (not often I get to say that!)



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Well worth getting a better copy, sharp enough wide open
but really sharp at f/4 onwards.
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