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The first video is worth a look.
Thanks to Oldham PS

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DOIK wrote:
The first video is worth a look.
Thanks to Oldham PS


Strewth, and I thought chemical processing was complicated!
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davidwozhere wrote:
David Storm says it is important to use the correct colour profile before getting an external source to make prints for you.
Not being a 'print' person at all I don't understand this. Can someone please elaborate?

Hi David, I'm happy to explain on this one. It's because different papers and printers require different profiles in order that the prints come out with accurate colour and contrast. For example, DS Colour Labs do some metallic finishes on some prints, with these if you don't use their profile specific for this type of print you will not maximise the impact. This holds good to a lesser or greater extent for any papers or print finishes.

Some printers will convert before printing, others will use what you send them, so to be safe make sure you download the profile from the printer's website and convert before you send them the image. Also make sure you set the image to the correct pixel density, e.g. 300DPI or whatever is required to avoid scaling issues.

Hope this helps.


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