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If you had around £3000 to spend on gear what would you spend it on to cover the different f/l, from 15mm limited at wide end to da* 300 at the long end, and hd tc. for a bit more reach. What would you use to cover the rest, buying used.
If things work out i should have this to spend in a month or two.

Any thoughts ?
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Forgot to mention, already have, K5iis, an F 28mm f2.8, F 50mm f1.7, 100mm macro, af 360 flash, and a few other bits and bobs.
I know what i like, If not always why.


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I would not be without my Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM (from their Art line), it is remarkable through from f1.4 to f8 , then it is just great ( really). It's bigger brother the 85 mm is the same.

For low light ( +action) photography it is unbeatable and about half the Pentax version, can be used on cropped sensor or full frame.

I feel the same can be said of the 200 and 300 DA* too and remember the 200 is f2.8




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Easy DA560 or sigma 500 all the rest covered
cheers Neil
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Thanks Daronl I've been looking at that and it's a fine lens. The 85mm is fairly pricey even at used prices although I would love to have it. Depending on what else I get it may make the final cut yet.
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DA*50-135mm. I've been without mine for a while and I really miss it. Not much use for 'action' but beautiful for anything else.

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womble wrote:
DA*50-135mm. Not much use for 'action' but beautiful for anything else.

I have to take you to task on that remark K, I find it excellent for 'action'
check here
I exclusively use the DA*50-135 and DA*300 for the karting shots and although I don't nail the focus on them all I certainly get enough to fulfill my needs and the needs of the drivers at the track. I had the Sigma 70-200 too but sold it because it wasn't getting used. The pixie dust Pentax sprinkle on these lenses set them apart

£3K..... I would make a bee line for SRS and grab the DA560 HD in a heartbeat
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3k to spend .... if it was me then the 560mm

If I were you .... 16-50mm, 50-135mm, 60-250mm, 300mm, 1.4x HD
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One of my favorite PK lenses unfortunately does not have the Pentax label attached to it.

I would strongly suggest the Sigma 24mm-70mm f2.8; which also maintains that same constant aperture. Although it also maintains those incredible optics and aperture at a price; it's quite large and quite heavy.



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Deposit on a 645z




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Okay the 560mm really isn't a flyer, (for me)
I think the 60-250mm and the 300mm have to be in there,having had them both I know what they can deliver. I've also had a 50-135mm and will probably leave it out never really got on well with it for some reason. The sigma 85mm f1.4 art is also on my list of possibles as is the 18-135mm.
And depending on funds a sigma 35mm f1.4.
Any thoughts ????

I know what i like, If not always why.
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