Polarizing Filter for SP1000


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Can anyone please advise whether I should use a circular or linear polarizer on my SP1000?



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The SP 1000 does not support auto-focus lenses - which require circular polarizers, so you can use linear.

Actually, you can use either - you'll still have to align either filter to get maximum polarization. This works best with the sun at 90 dergees to your subject.

Over time, I've collected both types and use them equally on my M42 lenses.

Go for the highest quality you can afford - these filters are a lot of fun and produce dramatic results.

Have fun!


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Always go circular.
linear won't be compatible if you wind up slapping it on an af camera.
linear is less expensive therefore built to buget minded photogs with glass and coating quality to match the budget price.
Bear in mind that before circular became the standard, btw, and tiffin and others had some great linear poarizers out there that might be found used for a song...not bad if you only use older mf cameras or stack infront of a circular pol, to use as a vari strength neutral density filter.
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.


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Thanks for your quick replies and good advice Mac & Don.
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