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I'm a member of several other forums and have bought and sold/bought stuff quite often on them . i'm really not a fan of the sales of goods being conducted by pm's ,the other forums i'm on insist all communications leading up to the sale be done in the fore sale/want thread created then after the price has been agreed THEN take it to pm's . Any reason it's different on here ..... just curious ....



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I guess it's like when you visit other countries, the laws can differ.
Generally speaking, forums are not a democracy...
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This what the guidelines say in the Classified section of the forum:

"A place to put your for private sales and wanted camera adverts. Please only use this for Pentax related equipment. Any non photo adverts or trade ads will be deleted"

Please remember this is a place for the adverts and for the replies to the adverts. Posts that list other non-Pentax gear or that stray from the purpose of the section may be deleted.

If communicating by PM it can be helpful to other members if the item being discussed is mentioned. It can also be helpful when an item is sold that the OP finishes off the thread by telling us. Feedback can then follow as appropriate.

There is no prohibition such as you describe, but it is probable that members will exchange their offers/counter offers/payment details etc in a secure way. All the guidelines say is that if dealing by PM, please keep us all informed so we know what items are still for sale.
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I routinely use another forum to sell non-Pentax related gear - quite successfully. I have also sold Pentax-related gear on here.

I do prefer the model of the other forum (I think you must mean TP) where all the discussions are done in the forum thread, with the sale agreement clear to all, and only then does the buyer and seller go to PMs to communicate payment terms and addresses, plus tracking details. What I like is that, any offers or bids are up front, and that it prevents any bickering over who was first, and it helps set an offer price. I get irritated when I see 'PM sent' on a reply in here, especially when there is an item I am interested in, and the seller is putting several items for sale. Does the item relate to the item I would like?

TP have cracked down on their terms and conditions, you have to be an established member before interacting in the classifieds, and more recently if the admin team see that you are active only in the classifies then the privileges are revoked. The mods also step in if things get out of hand. But generally people keep themselves well behaved. The most annoying behaviours on here are:

other members having a go at the seller as they perceive them as only being on PU to sell items they have procured cheaply elsewhere.

some members querying the prices of items, when they have no intention of buying them, and then suddenly protest when people query their prices...'it's what it owes me'..

For selling Pentax related gear or buying something Pentax related (which you think is a good idea and never sees the light of day again) PentaxUser is king!
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