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Link Posted 10/04/2009 - 10:47
I have a K100d DSLR and have shot a lot of live performance - dance / drama, so utilsing ISO 1600/3200 a lot without flash. I noticed for a while two 'stray' coloured pixels which were visible in the same place on the pictures. Then last week I shot a dance show from a balcony on my 50-200 lens(so quite a distance from the stage), this time there is about 12 stray pixels all various colours in the same places on all the shots!! I've gone on the forum and read about hot/dead/stuck pixels followed link to wikipedia. Anybody offer any advice what i can 'actually' do, in laymen terms!! Can I remap if so howdo I do it ? or is it a case of getting the local London Camera Exchange to have a look!!
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With the images you have already shot, use the Clone Tool in Photoshop to remove the offending pixels.

I know you can do pixel mapping on the K20D, but I'm not sure about the K100D. You will get these effects more frequently with a warm sensor and in low light situations.
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hi neil only on the k200 and k20 and km can pixel remap, the only way to get rid of the stuck or dead pixels is in software now, but you might find they free them selves at some point,

just keep snapping,



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Thanks for the comments and advice guys, much appreciated


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If you shoot in RAW then you shouldn't have so much of a problem, depending on which RAW converter you use. Silkypix automatically eliminates dead pixels, as do some (but not all) other RAW converters.

If you don't shoot RAW then this is a good reason to do so - it's worth at the very least downloading the free version of Silkypix to give it a go.



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Thanks for that jps I'll give "Silkypix" a go.
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