Pics. Q, K5, K3


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One from each camera taken today. The Q and K3 pics with the DA*300. The K5 pic with the Siggy 150-500


Moorhen by Alan Wennington, on Flickr


Greenfinch by Alan Wennington, on Flickr


Willow Tit by Alan Wennington, on Flickr



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1 & 2 are fabulous, even for a non-birdy person like myself. Lovely sharpness and caught at just the right moments.

The 3rd has too much else going on I think, the little creature doesn't stand out so well.

The white balance in 2 looks perfect for the warm time of day - I'm seeing No 1 as just a little too warm? I'm aware these things can vary of course between us all.
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McGregNi wrote:
1 & 2 are fabulous...

#1 in particular is indeed fabulous- really superb IMO


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I like these

Somehow 1 looks better on here than it does on flickr can't figure that out
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All very good Alan. Which of the K-5 or K-3 is your favourite camera?


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2 for me Alan followed by 1 all great shots.
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Thanks guys

#1 was the only almost sharp shot I managed with the Pentax Q, cheap chinese adaptor, and the DA300. Remember the Q has a FF Crop Factor of 5.5x (so the 300mm is a 1650mm FF equivalent). And this hasn't been cropped at all. It was shot at 1/100 sec, manual focus of course, resting on the window ledge in the hide, so still a lot of movement.

#2 of the greenfinch is a shot I really like. Male Greenfinches often look a bit sinister to me. Think its the dark area around the eye. Well focused, nice bokeh. Shows off the Siggy 150-500 really well.

#3. Well its my first decentish shot of a Willow Tit. Not many of these about. So it had to be posted.

As to your question David......

I'm struggling with the Sigma 150-500 on the K3. Not getting a lot of keepers. Where the pixel count of the K3 should be helping me is cropping the Sigma images. But because of the difficulties I'm having its the 300mm that goes on the K3 and the Siggy goes on the K5.

I have tried AF adjustment, but still not happy. So still work to do.

Another thing is when shooting birds its very often in woodland, and for me the K5 is streets ahead in low light with high ISO. Looking to perhaps delve a little into night time photography. Stars, light painting, etc. Again the high ISO capability of the K5 gives it more than an edge

On the other hand I prefer the K3 for landscapes, seascapes, and the bits of street I've done.

So, to stop beating about the bush. I'll go for the K5 at the moment, but once I get sorted with the K3 and the Siggy, that could well change.

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No.2 for me but all three are really good shots. Am amazed at the quality of the Q +DA300 at 1650mm equivalent.



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No 2 all the way
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Nice images Alan. I always thought that, as an owner of the Sigma 150-500. That it would be totally out performed by the Pentax DA300. Maybe I need to think again.. Especially considering the price differential.
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stub wrote:
Nice images Alan. I always thought that, as an owner of the Sigma 150-500. That it would be totally out performed by the Pentax DA300. Maybe I need to think again.. Especially considering the price differential.

I have a Sigma 135-400, and from 135 to 350 it's really excellent. 400 is mediocre, performance really falls off after 350. So much so that a 350 shot cropped for 400 FOV is better than 400 non cropped.

From what I've seen of DA* tele primes they are superb, but you do ahve to consider the price difference
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Great work Alan.

Best regards


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Thanks again guys



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This almost seals the deal for me as a Q7 for a second body. But they are all great. Thanks for posting the comparisons.
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