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Inspired by Peter Elgar's video review, I dug out my Pentax Zoom 105 Super. This is a camera of its time. It is pretty ugly, but has a myriad of features including close-up settings and so on. I managed to use about 2/3rds of a roll before it stopped playing ball, and the roll had sat in the camera for quite a while since then. I finally got it out using a dark bag and sent it off for developing. It still sort of works (enough for the photo) but I wouldn't use another roll in it. Some of the pictures and sharp, some are terrible. I don't think the autofocus is very good.

Despite the current fad for using film compact cameras, in general I find them very disappointing and would rather use an SLR. The MX with the 40mm pancake lens is no bigger than this ugly beast.

Pentax Zoom 105 Super par Kris Lockyear, on ipernity
Kris Lockyear
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Substitute coconut shy?
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