Pentax z1 vs Cannon EOS3000 - comparision


Link Posted 14/04/2003 - 11:17
I am having a small problem with my Pentax z1, as noted in the other topic the LCD unit got cracked as I fell from a mountain I was photographing.

anyway I have an option to buy a Cannon EOS 3000,
Can or any one has any opinions in the two cameras?


Link Posted 14/04/2003 - 13:28

That's a real shame about your Z1.

Regarding your question about the two cameras: it's like comparing a Jaguar E-type with a Nissan Micra. You are not comparing like-for-like.

The Z1 (although old) was a top of the range Pentax, built like a tank (but not mountain proof, but built to last otherwise!), with some serious features. For instance, it has spot-metering, hyper manual, customisation features, aperture and shutter speed wheels - all of which make it a really usable camera. Personally I love the Z1, and get a real "buzz" from using it.

The Canon EOS3000 is an entry level SLR, aimed at the person wanting a little more than a point-and-shoot. So, for its market, it's great.

However, bear these facts in mind: Canon put the focus mechanism in the lens, so the cheap lenses are slower to focus that the pro-lenses, and not very solidly built. Additionally, they can be very sensitive to dust (my father-in-law's EOS USM lenses have both been done in because of dust, and they're not worth repairing). On the other hand, Pentax put the motor in the camera, so it makes little difference what lens you use as far as focus speed is concerned. Additionally, what about any of your accessories and lenses? If they are Pentax, they will not fit the Canon - so you'll have to buy new gear.

I expect you need to re-evaluate your requirements. Do you need something that can be carried easily? If so, why not think about going digital (I have a year old Canon S30, but the Pentax Optio cameras look really great) Do you want a pro-like camera with features to maximise your creativity? Are you looking for snapshots, or commercial/professional quality images? Do you need super wide angle, long telephoto, or are you not bothered? Do you need to take very low light shots? Maybe you need to do a pros/cons list for yourself...

Oh yes, and remember - you only ever get what you pay for (certainly when it comes to lens and build quality). You just have to decide what's important to you.

Hope that helps,
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Link Posted 15/04/2003 - 09:55
...forgot to mention...

EOS3000 will have a plastic lens mount, as do all low end cameras.

The Pentax Z1 holds its value very well: have a second hand Z1 at 195, and a Z1P at 299 - that should tell you something about them

Oh, yes, and not forgetting the enthusiastic and helpful set of Pentax users, and the excellent Pentax User mag

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Link Posted 15/04/2003 - 14:10
hi Matt,
I know what you mean. As to get my Pentax fixed its costing me around 400, and for the same amount I could get a EOS3000 with a 35-70, 80-300 lens. So I was wondering which would be an option.

I am a semi-professional photographer(, so as U mentioned I need something more than a entry level.

The more I think about it I think I am going to have to get the pentax fixed, even though it could cost me more to to get those lens I am after.

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