Pentax workshops or training in Yorkshire


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Hello, I am a novice, can anyone recommend a photographer who does workshops in Yorkshire with pentax cameras?


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Hi Hazel

The short answer to your question is - no - not aware of anybody running Pentax specific workshops in Yorkshire.

However, this may not be what you need.

You do not say whether you are a novice to photography, digital photography, DSLR photography or just Pentax.

If you are a novice to photography - it would benefit you more to find a general photography workshop as the basic rules generally follow through to all types of photography and systems.

Similarly - if it is DSLRs that you are a novice to - a general DSLR workshop would help. Basic principles are the same regardless of system

If it is just the Pentax system/ controls that you need to get to grips with - there are many on-line tutorials that may help.

Also - do not forget - with any of the above - you will find many people here happy to help you with any questions you may have - we have all been novices - and many years later some of us still feel like one

Plus - there are a number of us in and around Yorkshire and some of us do occasionally get together for a day out - if you see anything being arranged - jump in and join us - we don't bite - well most of us don't

No matter how many lenses I have owned - I have always needed just one more


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If you have a camera club in your area it may well be worth checking out. As has been said the type of camera is immaterial as most of the controls are similar in name although the position may be different, also this forum is a goldmine of information as regards Pentax cameras and photography.



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Hi hazel
Like stan says try a local camera club ,it all depends where you live
I can recommend this chap
cheers Neil
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Hi all, sorry for the delay and many thanks for your comments. I shall keep my eyes peeled for any get togethers. Best wishes,


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Whereabouts in Yorkshire are you Hazel? There are a few of us in Sheffield. Also, AndrewA and myself will be in Tickhill (near Doncaster) this Sunday for the Cycle Racing Grand Prix which we are photographing, you are welcome to come, see link below:


If you're interested, post a reply on here or send me a PM and I will let you have my mobile number.


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