Pentax WG-3 - impressions and a few shots


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Hi all,

I recently purchased a WG-3 to take with me on a holiday (along with my K-x). I found there was not much info available online when I was researching, so I thought I would put up some of my thoughts now I am home again, in case anyone else is considering one.

Firstly - I absolutely loved using the camera. It went with me pretty much everywhere and was a pleasure to use.

Secondly - The picture quality was better than I was expecting. There has always been a thing about rugged cameras that the IQ suffers a lot for the ruggedness, but in fact I was pleasantly surprised.

Thirdly - Thing about accessories! The camera comes with a carabiner strap, but no wrist strap. I bought both a wrist strap and a floating wrist strap as well and had all 3 attached together. The wrist straps had quick releases so I could unhook whichever was not needed as required. It worked a charm and holding the camera/ carrying it around was just never an issue for me. Also, extra batteries are a good idea. It is easy to go through a battery in one day, and so switching over while you recharge is very convenient.

Fourthly - I have found since coming home that photoshop (or other photo processing software), can really add a lot to the pictures. Basically, I would not use/show/print any picture before running it through software first. Not a problem for me as I do this anyway, but if you like to print straight from the camera, then you may find you do not get the best possible picture quality.

Lastly - Overall I would recommend this camera highly. I was a little worried over the purchase as it is quite a lot of money, and I wasn't sure how much use it would actually get, but I was very glad I had it the entire time I was away.

And so onto a few shots. These are just a few samples from the first day or so of the trip. It's going to take me a long time to go through all the pictures I took!









This last one is to demo the difference software processing makes. This is #8 again, but this time straight out of the camera. The picture was taken in 'underwater' mode.

Thanks for reading. I hope if anyone out there is considering a WG-3, this post is of some help to you. Also, feel free to post c&c on the pictures themselves
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I really fancy updating my W90 with one of these, so many thanks for the reassuring post and the pictures. Enjoyed them all.
Best regards, John


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Nice shots and especially like the underwater shot. If anyone is interested the current issue of Digital Photographer magazine has a brief review of this and it's competitors, they rated it joint last with the Canon PowerShot D20 and behind the Olympus Stylus TG-2 and the Nikon Coolpix AW 110. Not had a proper read but seems to be because of AF issues.



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Good work on the underwater shot. The Pentax water resistant range have always been excellent and better than anyone expects.

I presume the output is JPG only - what size files are they?

I fancy getting the GPS version - but guess that really will eat batteries.

My existing waterproof is a W60 and like you I have the flotation strap - SRS charged me about 2 for it!


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File output is JPG only sadly, but there are not any rugged cameras that shoot RAW at the moment, so it's a necessary sacrifice for this type of camera. File size seems to be around 4-4.5mb per image.

I got the GPS version, mostly because I think the Qi charging seems like a very good idea for an underwater camera (although as yet I don't have a charger, so it was more of a future thinking decision). I did not actually have the GPS turned on as it's not that important to me, and battery consumption was a concern. Whilst away the battery did not die at any point, but I was charging every night.

Thanks for the comments on the underwater shot. I can't actually claim responsibility for it as I am the one snorkeling, and the picture was taken by a friend.
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