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I completed the survey, but was somewhat surprised that when I was asked which Pentax DSLR I owned the following were mentioned:

K-3, K-50, K-500, K-5 IIs, K-5 II, Pentax K-30, Pentax K-r

But the K5 was left out, was this a deliberate omission?


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I think it's the list of current models
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bforbes wrote:
I think it's the list of current models

The Pentax K-r came out in 2010 the same year as the K5, but that was listed.


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..but the K-r is still available, unlike the K5
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The original K5 is still available on Amazon.
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..but not from Pentax according to link
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So will the result of this survey show that about 70% of us
haven't got a camera?

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I have not got ANY of those models !!
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Excuse my ignorance, I've been away for a few days. What Pentax survey?


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I'm not sure it hasn't expired now, but it was similar to a few other surveys I've seen recently, quizzing about tutoring days and the like.
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Usual problem I find with surveys - closed questions.
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