Pentax trigger for the Godox system released!


Link Posted 17/12/2018 - 16:05
RobL wrote:
Don wrote:
Actually sorry, in fact the TT350-P (Pentax version) is a P-TTL flash on the camera. It’s a mini type though, so people are looking forward to their full sized versions coming out in P flavour.

The confusion around the TT350-P arises from the descriptions of it being a “Master” controller for Wireless. This gives the impression it functions as an Optical P-TTL Wireless Master unit within the Pentax dedicated system ....that’s not the case, as I said before it can control, via radio, other compatible flashes within the Godox system.

that's the answer I was looking for. thank you.
the good news is your old pentax flashes all still handle A and M modes so are not completely useless...
the good news is... the wistro 200 absolutely KILLS the pentax system... for the price of an older 360 fgz flash you can get the 350 p AND ad200 and you got controller(working as fill or catchlight ) and a powerful key light with full ttl and hss!!!

Aah, but is it weather resistant? The two main Pentax flashes are but not risked them in the rain yet!

I've never owned the WR flash units.. would have liked to but they were too pricey.
I have however always had access to ziplock bags and rubber bands. and still do..
lately I have found litro lite cubes videolights to be my go to source for all weather lighting outdoors
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.
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