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PENTAX SMC FA 45mm f2.8 1:2.8


Link Posted 21/04/2006 - 19:59
I just purchased a Pentax 645N II from ebay (yes, got chinned by Customs & Excise for duty and vat), and also bought separately a PENTAX SMC FA 45mm f2.8 1:2.8 lens.

I'm new to medium format so bear with me.

The seller supposed that this lens would work autofocus with the 645N II. I've followed the manual but to no avail.

Does it work AF with the 645N II?

If so, how do I get it to do so? Thanks.

WJ Bons

Link Posted 21/04/2006 - 20:15
did you have a look at the click ring on the lens, to set it to autofocus mode. Otherwise it is manual. When in manual mode, you can easily focus the lens with the ring, else when you try to rotate it, something will hold it.

it's a nice camera, i bought mine 2 years ago and never regretted it. last week i bought a 300 4.0 ed for 350 dollar. 1 year ago the price would be 700 dollar secondhand. I think the prices will increase after the sale of the 645D when people want to buy lenses along with the body....

The 120 macro is also a very good performer and i love to shoot macro with it. (


Link Posted 21/04/2006 - 22:05
Success. Thanks for the encouragement. I used google and found the review of the 645n II by Andy Rouse. In it he talks of the simplicity of the lens barrell being the MF/AF switch. So I pushed forward the lens barrell and hey presto, Autofocus mode!

Anyone have a good source for lenses?

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