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I've just come across the Pentax website.

I just wanted to say hello as I have just joined this forum.

I have an Optio S40 camera - a camera that I think is great. It ner goes wrong and works faultlessly every time.

The only thing is that I've managed to lose the cable that connects the camera to the computer. I do not suppose anyone on the forum who might have upgraded to a more up to date camera would have a spare cable lying around that they wouldn't mind passing on? It would be much appreciated.

I am thinking of doing a photography course at the local college and will probably have questions for forum members once it starts.

I'm really impressed with the quality of my little camera. It might only be a 4MB model, but the photos are excellent, and good enough for me, although I might change my mind once I start the course and find out more about the benefits of having a camera with a higher resolution.

If anyone does have a spare cable for my S40 please get in touch. My e-mail address is: scobieg09 -at-

Looking forward to getting more advice from forum members once the course starts.

Thanks again..

Gordon Scobie
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I've modified your e-mail in the post, to avoid it attracting spam.

Welcome to Pentax User!

The cable is one you can readily buy, just check which type it is. Alternatively, you could forget the cable and use a card reader instead.

Hope that helps!
Best regards, John


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Hello and welcome
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Welcome and enjoy.
I wish .....


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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

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