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johnriley wrote:
Well we asked for it, so wasn't it a nice surprise?

Yes, but i think someone overdid it (like the pendulum, you know, swinging straight over to the other side). 30 posts was certainly too early to make a change, but now there seems to be too many levels. At least an explanation would be in order, maybe a post in Announcements.

Looking at the different numbers of posts, I think the New Member should last till 100 posts, then another group up to 1000 posts (Loyal Member). Anytbody above 1000 posts could just be Veterans. After that number of posts you are addicted to Pentax User anyway.
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At least an explanation would be in order, maybe a post in Announcements

Nah! much more exciting as it is, one day your a peasant and the next day surprise surprise, your a commoner, plus if users know the requisite number of posts they may be tempted to write drivvel like this to bump thier post count up
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I want "Master Debator".
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Anytbody above 1000 posts could just be Veterans.

There was a feeling that nobody should be demoted by the change, so Veteran had to stay and became Site Veteran.

The trouble of course is that we could debate how many titles, how many posts and what titles for ever and there would never be 100% agreement.

It's not meant to be taken too seriously, but quite a few people had asked for such a change, so there it is.

Over at ADAPS we just started off with a set of titles and eventually there you become Photographer and then Master Photographer and finally Iconic Photographer. And you don't even have to shoot a single image to achieve those dizzy heights!
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