Pentax MG, 28mm lens & extras, 10+p&p


Link Posted 03/03/2013 - 21:32

I'm selling an MG, 28mm f2.8 Focal (K-mart) lens, Pentax leather case and instruction manual.

I bought the body for the A 50mm 1.7 that was on it, and was told that it was in good working order. Cosmetically it is generally in good condition, but the battery compartment cover is well scratched and there is some cracking of the black plastic surround to the eyepiece. The auto winder cover is also missing.

I've not run a film through the camera, so can't be 100% certain it works, and as a result am selling for spares or repair, but everything does seem to be working correctly, shutter fires etc.

The lens is in good working order, optics are clear and it stops down correctly. It is missing the rubber grip on the focussing ring, this has been replaced with neoprene, turns smoothly. I've tried the lens on my K7, it's reasonably sharp, better than I had expected.

The leather case is in reasonable condition, a few cracks in high wear areas, but very useable.

Instruction manual is complete, cover is held on with sellotape, some writing on the back.

Only asking 10 for the lot, can double check on postage but expect it to be less than 5 to mainland UK.

Payment via paypal, cheque or bank transfer.

PM me if you're interested or have any questions.

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