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pentax lx

WJ Bons

Link Posted 24/04/2006 - 13:46
I can buy a pentax lx (latest model) from some guy with winder and handgrip.

I'm just thinking if i should buy it or not...
it's a nice thing. logically i do not need it, but my heart says buy it....

I need some advice..


Link Posted 24/04/2006 - 14:37
You only need two things.

1: Enough disposable income that it doesn't matter whether you buy it or not. You will be pleased with it.
2: An understanding partner, possibly the most important asset.
3: I lied about only needing 2 things, third thing is a good price.

Cheers, enjoy the LX.
Peter E Smith

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WJ Bons

Link Posted 25/04/2006 - 07:40
number 2 is no problem.
Don't ask me how i got it so far


Link Posted 26/04/2006 - 10:34
Having sold most of my own MF bodies (only an ME-F left now) I think it's inevitable that at some point I'm going to regress and buy an LX. It's the only Pentax 35mm body which I've wanted and haven't yet owned. I could be swayed towards a 6x7 instead though...


Link Posted 27/04/2006 - 04:55
It's a camera - you want it!
It's a Pentax - you really want it!
It's a Pentax LX - 'want' becomes 'need'!
It's a Pentax LX with winder and grip.............convinced yet?
Die my dear doctor, that's the last thing I shall do!

WJ Bons

Link Posted 27/04/2006 - 13:02
i bought it...
there is also a fb1 and a fd2 included.

I owned a 67 a z1p and a mz-s. But eventually i got a lx.
(i still have a 645nii, which i love too)

I like the weight so i can take it easily for walking in the mountains. viewfinders, very need! Now a couple of lenses..
I have a 28, 2.8, want a 50 1.4 along with it.
I also have the 645->35 converter so i can use all my 645 lenses on it too!

happy shooting!


Link Posted 27/04/2006 - 18:19
There you go, it was easy really wasn't it?

Mind you, there was never much doubt in my mind that you would ever have been disuaded from buying it by anybody on this forum. So if you really want to be talked out of buying top flight Pentax kit in the future, can I suggest you find a Canon or Nikon forum.

You will enjoy the LX, I'm sure. Well done.
Peter E Smith

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WJ Bons

Link Posted 28/04/2006 - 07:59
[quote="Mannesty"]you find a Canon or Nikon forum.quote]

Is that a forum for loosers?


Link Posted 28/04/2006 - 08:09
WJ Bons wrote:
Is that a forum for loosers?

No no, I'm sure you'll find some very nice people there . . . just misinformed that's all. I mean, they actually think that they have the best camera systems on the planet . . . but we know different.
Peter E Smith

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