Pentax Lenses 1965


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The photo brochures from Pentax have always presented their cameras and camera equipment in a matter-of-fact and informative way - matter-of-factly and straightforwardly. This Pentax brochure from 1965 lives in particular up to this tradition. Below is a link to Pentax's 1965 range of lenses.



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thanks for sharing Keld - not one I'd seen before, interesting to see the prices at the time too


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The 18mm F11 looks like the inspiration for all the body cap lenses around today 😊


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I like the amount of detail that these sort of brochures go into. These days there are too few words and too much flashy design to literature and indeed, to photo magazines in general.
Best regards, John


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LennyBloke wrote:
thanks for sharing Keld - not one I'd seen before, interesting to see the prices at the time too

Multiply by about 20 to get todays prices, corrected for UK RPI since 1965. Remember something
happened in 1971 in the US. Nixon abandoned the $US link to gold I think, so US inflation might
have been worse. Also 2.8 dollars to the pound in 1965.

So $129 in 1965 would have been about £46, which is about £921 today, sort of.

I bought a £2 premium bond in Dec 1965. In 2013 I won £25, though by then I would have
needed about £33 just to get my money back.


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Fascinating document, Keld.

The piece about the 50mm Macro.....
"The Macro-Takumar is one of the most versatile lenses in the Pentax line. Although it is specially designed for extreme close-up work, it may be used at any distance from 2 1/8 " to infinity! The Macro-Takumar is capable of up to 1-to-1 subject/image ratio with an extremely flat field and features maximum balance of optical contrast and resolving power of the lens." me seems similar to how its APS-C equivalent - the DA 35 Limited (my most used prime on the KP) - might be described.



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Many thanks for posting that, interesting to see these documents.

I note that usually the 1000mm Takumar was supplied with a wooden tripod, but through Honeywell it is supplied with a metal tripod, and both the lens and the tripod are supplied in wooden boxes.

These long lenses appear on the market now and again, but the tripods rarely do.

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