Pentax K200D- as a second body


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Would this be a good option as a second body? I cant afford another K5. It would be for weddings so as not to change lenses. I have seen one for 199 body only. I would use it for the most part outside. A good buy at this price?

Lucky Lee

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Funnily enough I am going to be buying a K5, when my redundancy comes through, and I will be keeping my K200D as a 2nd body; I will also be using it for weddings (first one in September) and it will keep just one lens on it.


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This is exactly what I've done - I have recently bought a K5 but kept my K200D as a second body. Use the K5 with limited primes for serious work and the K200D with zooms for my rock climbing photography.

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I have a K200d as my main camera and have no complaints about it, infact I'm very happy with the results I get(have a look at my gallery for quality of images)

Have you considered either a K10 or K20 as these are both more in line with a 'pro' set up?

Having said that, 199 is a good price for a weather sealed 10meg body!
Cheers, HG

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I really like the handling of the K5 and as it is the only DSLR I have owned I'd like to get close to emulating the control layout- it seems the K200 lacks a front control dial and ISO is accessed via the menu which could be a bit fiddly (I have it on my front dial in aperture priority on the K5) having looked at the various options I may be looking at a used K7 to achieve this and thats gonna be expensive.

I dont know if the buttons on the earlier models can be programmed to make access to ISO easier?


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The k200 is a great camera, check some of my portfolio shots on the site.
_but_ after getting a k5, with it's easy control layout, and sublime high iso performance. I think I would have trouble going back to it ( gave the k200 away in the end).
A k20 would be a better bet, it's less of a drop from the k5. Assuming you want the fall back for a professional shoot, ( like a wedding etc.) the k20 will mean less compromise in terms of shooting style and settings.
I would think a second hand k20 can be had for less than 300. if you've got a k200 ready to go, great, if not I don't think it's worth a fresh purchase.
If you can stretch to a used k7, the more the better.
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There are several different camera types within the Pentax range of the last few years. If at all possible I would not mix camera types - in a wedding situation this may cause mistakes to be made. There's enough stress in weddings without getting muddled with equipment.

I would team a K-5 with another K-5, or a K-7 if that's not possible.

A K20D and K10D would be OK together.

A K-r and K-x would match, and probably the other single-control wheel models would fit in here as well.
Best regards, John


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I have a K200D that I've owned since new and have got a lot of very good images from it. Only issue is that I seem to get loads of dust no matter what I do....... Lens changing in my house is a no-no I think... Full weather sealing at the price point is a good plus though.

Haven't used it much since I've been mainly film this year......
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I bought a K-5 and intended to use my K20D as a 2nd body. I couldn't work like that. I sold a bunch of stuff on Ebay to fund the 2nd K-5 and sold the K20D.

It was bad enough on a regular relaxed shoot, I couldn't imagine using two different bodies on a wedding shoot.

Unless I was the bridegroom on a polygamous wedding when that would be a bonus

I'm with John in this. I worked fine with my K20D and K10D together, but couldn't get on with using a K-5 and K20D together
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Thanks guys, I think a 2nd hand K7 maybe on the cards then- I'll get saving!
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