Pentax k10 bundled software what do ya think?


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Hi i just wondered what people thought of the bundled software with a k10 .I personally think its great but youve got to persevere with it and it looks pretty poor not a patch on elements 6 or cs3.But i like the workflow from raw to tiff to jpeg and the fact you can make 16bit .tiffs at about 57meg .I also have elements 6 on my pc but find i rarely use it and usually go back to the photobrowser and photolab software .I have often thought about the silkypix developer studio 3 software which made by the same developer as the bundled software but its adout 150 is it worth it ?
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I use the bundled software for developing my RAW files (and for general browsing purposes) and I get on with it just fine. I did try Capture One for a while but I didn't really see any appreciable benefit. I seem to be in the minority on here and I'm sure a chorus of voices will be along soon to tell you why Lightroom / SP / Aperture / et al are so much better, however, I'll be the one stood in the corner with my hands over my ears...
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Silkypix Developer Studio is worth every penny, in my 'umble opinion.

It offers many more features and finer adjustments than Pentax Lab, and with a much nicer user-interface that really allows you to see what you're doing.

I don't buy much software, and generally can't afford expensive software, but I made an exception in this case. Actually of course it's cheap compared with the full version of Photoshop.

Try the 2-week fully-featured free trial version.


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Raw Therapee:

Free and very good (just make sure you download the 2.4 version, it's miles better). After using this, I no longer use the bundled Pentax software.
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