Pentax K-1, lenses, extras.


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I am looking at changing systems (shock horror, I know) but will stay firmly seated in this wonderful community. Realistically, my system won't change but only the camera body, save for one lens (currently). As such, I'm looking to offload a good 'starter' set into full-frame photography as well as including a few extras to hopefully help streamline matters. It'll consist of:

Pentax K-1, has had seals replaced under warranty following my complaints about air ingress/egress, now working perfectly. Estimate 47,000 shutters, but will certify later. Some shining here and there, a couple of very light scuffs to the base. Everything else reasonably clean. Slight divot under the 'Pentax' logo, probably from a Sigma lens at some point in its life. Two spare off-brand batteries to go with it. Boxed with all accessories. Screen protectors now on both top and main screens. Currently a little dust on viewfinder screen and mirror, very little if any on the sensor from my last observations. Recently gave that a puff with a rocket blower which did the job, no need for a wet clean currently.
Pentax D-FA 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 DC WR lens, practically new with box and lens hood. Very useful focal length.
Pentax D-FA 100mm f/2.8 WR Macro, also in stellar condition. No box but will be packaged well. A lens capable of stunning photos.
Pentax DA 50mm f/1.8. Purchased recently, also in good condition. No box but has a foamy little bag it can go in. Works great on FF.
Pentax O-ME53 viewfinder attachment. Not 100% clean but not dirty enough for me to notice during use. Not pictured on the camera but in one of the other pictures.
Pentax shoulder carry bag in white - yes, you all know the one. It cost £3.99 posted and there was a thread about it a short while back. Happy to throw in as a freebie and it fits the K-1 nicely.

Looking for £1,300 for all of the above, to include RM Special Delivery. I may have one or two small extras to throw in but nothing special (sorry)!

Also, looking to sell a Tenpa 1.22x viewfinder attachment. Difficult to find and fully boxed. Again, not 100% clean but works flawlessly in my opinion. Very useful for manual focus lenses. Looking for £55 delivered via RM Special Delivery.

Disclaimer: I love my Pentax manual focus lenses and will be keeping the lot of them. LennyBloke, don't panic, I still want that Takumar 135mm f/3.5 off you when the CoV situation eases!

I will also look to disinfect any packaging and will give everything being sold a wipe down before packing up.
Hopefully priced for a quick sale but happy to hear realistic offers if it speeds things along.
Not looking to split the lot unless I can find someone for each item.

Photos in this album:


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There is some interest in the 28-105 (given an agreement on price). If there’s interest for the other items I can split the lot.


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Update: indicative pricing for the remaining items if sold separately;
K-1 & O-ME53 - £800
100mm WR Macro - £270
DA50/1.8 - £60

All including RM Special Delivery.


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Updated pricing.
K-1 (body) + O-ME53 - £750
100mm WR Macro - £250
DA50/1.8 - £55
Tenpa 1.22x viewfinder eyepiece - £50.

All will be going on eBay shortly also.


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PM sent.


Link Posted 02/05/2020 - 19:46
Tenpa sold.
O-ME53 split from listing and sold.


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esh wrote:
PM sent.

PM(s) replied to.

General update: all on le Bay as well currently
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Bump and update below:
So the big 'scuff'/divot on the front of the K1 is manufactured in to accommodate for some lenses, which I hadn't realised. There's a minor small one underneath but that hasn't affected use for me whatsoever.
Will be willing to take £1,000 posted for all 3 remaining items, so equates to a free DA-50/1.8 for the lucky new owner.
In honesty, I have been offered £720 for the camera, but this is marginally less than I'm willing to take. I would take £740 posted for someone on here, so a reduction of £60 over the initial listing.


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All sold pending funds.
Thanks all for the interest.


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All posted today, apologies for the delays.
Will update everyone with their respective tracking numbers shortly.


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Benz3ne wrote:
There is some interest in the 28-105 (given an agreement on price). If there’s interest for the other items I can split the lot.

Many thanks Ben - lens arrived safely (now to have a play)

Today is a great day - they always are if you wake up


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davidruane wrote:
Many thanks Ben - lens arrived safely (now to have a play)

Glad it arrived safe and sound in Greece! Not my first overseas posting but probably my most valuable! Sorry it took so long, it was very much out of my hand.
Go play!
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