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For a number of different reasons my Pentax film camera collection has been growing, but I have been very lazy and not used the cameras almost at all. My new year's proposition is that I will start using them on a regular basis and all of them will be used this year!

By posting them (and my proposition here) I will be forced to post pictures taken with the cameras on the Forum, just be patient.

So here they are (in order of preference):

1. Pentax LX, which I bought from a Lady living nearby. It belonged to her late father and it was obviously kept very well and it went through a full CLA.

2. Penta MX, which my father gave to me a while back. This camera contributed to my respect for Pentax back in my youth. Also went through a CLA last year

3. Pentax Spotmatic SP II. I bought this camera from eBay in 2011 out of curiosity, it was quite cheap and it came with the 55 1.8 lens. When I received it I was surprised it was in such great conditions, both the camera and the lens seems hardly used and I decided it was worth to have this one serviced too...

4. Pentax ME Super that I bought for the lens that came with it, a A 50 1.7 (you can see the lens below with the P30n), the whole lot costed less than the lens alone. I never used the camera yet, but it is in very good conditions and I will test it.

5. Pentax Z-1. Another camera that I have received from my father, and another camera that I have not yet use. Mainly because I like old manual film cameras....

6. Last is my Pentax P30n. This I bought many many year ago and stopped using it only when I switched to digital. Never used it since

I am sure I will add to this collection, there are so many great cameras in Pentax history!

Pentax Photo Gallery
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That's a very nice collection. Have fun with them.
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Nice set up. I have examples of the first four. You'll love the LX, it is superb.

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I'm a little jealous


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Now thats what I call a nice collection
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