Pentax DA 18-250


Link Posted 09/08/2013 - 15:20
Bought second hand to replace a previous 18-250 that I'd sold and subsequently missed. I'm a prime shooter really though, and I still find myself lugging a Billingham of lenses around more often than I take out this well regarded superzoom. Having realised that my lens collection out-values my car (and I'm a petrol head), I've decided pare it by half. I know many rate these 18-250s as do-it-all travel lenses and, as it's holiday season, I thought I'd start my summer sale with this lens.

It will come boxed with a hood and the original paperwork.

Note that the hood is Tamron branded. The lens came to me without the hood (don't you just love ebay sellers?) and wheraes the Pentax hood would have cost me 50, the hood from its Tammy 18-250 sister was half that. It fits the same.

Like most copies of this lens, it exhibit a degree of zoom creep - ie if you walk around with the camera pointed downwards, the lens will tend to extend towards 250mm by itself. I believe this is a result of the heavy front element, and indeed Pentax/Tamron built-in a 'zoom lock' slider so it can be locked at the 18mm retracted position whilst walking around. I've been using a charity band to add a little friction to the zoom ring, which eliminates the creep and negates the need to use the lock. I'll include the band so the buyer can choose whether to use it like me, or the lock like the designers intended.

On offer here ahead of it hitting ebay on Sunday for 225.

Bank transfer preferred. PayPal accepted if the buyer covers fees.


Link Posted 10/08/2013 - 17:52
Just to clarify. It's on offer here for 225, ahead of being listing on ebay.

I have yet to decide yet whether the ebay listing will be an auction or a 'But It Now', but if the latter the price there will be higher to allow for their fees.


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Now on ebay for 240 + 7.50 RMSD


Pentax User price remains 225 including RMSD


Link Posted 27/08/2013 - 08:01
Would some sample shots help?

Taken this weekend (at the MotoGP in Brno). Excuse any poor composition and lack of technical skills, they're hardly the fault of the lens!

18mm (Slightly crop to remove excess sky and improve composition)








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(Sorry, completely off-thread, but the last image is really good. One of those 'nothing' shots that keeps you engrossed because your eye keeps moving.)
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greynolds999 wrote:
(Sorry, completely off-thread, but the last image is really good. One of those 'nothing' shots that keeps you engrossed because your eye keeps moving.)

Thank you so much for posting that. I'm glad I wasn't the only one! 'Nothing shot' pretty much describes what I first thought of it after I'd uploaded the SD card to LR. But, like you, I also kept looking at it.

For me, I think the shot wouldn't work if it wasn't a Ducati. A Honda may have more power and a Yamaha sweeter handling, but a Ducati has more soul. And what Ducati could have more soul than their works GP bike? What draws me to the shot is the way the engineer's hand seems so lovingly placed on the tank. As if the wedding band he's wearing is because he's married to the machine. A man-machine bond you wouldn't expect in another team.

(Not that that was what I was going for, mind you. It was intended to be about imminent transition, between static and kinetic, being the moment just before the engine was fired into life. I think it's fair to say I comprehensively failed there!)


Link Posted 01/09/2013 - 23:25
Now sold (via the ebay listing).
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