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Pentax 6X7 Film Type Dial


Link Posted 15/03/2014 - 16:20
So,I recently got a 6X7 without MLU on Ebay from an older gentleman. Listed as in working condition. I've gotten new batteries, lens, straps, etc for it, and it shoots fine with 120 film.

I downloaded the 67 manual by accident, and just got the 6X7 one yesterday. I started playing with everything to see how it worked, and noticed the film type dial is broken (dial on the right side that sets to 10 or 21),what is there is a set screw with a little thin washer screw thingy that can be adjusted to keep the set screw tight. I'm assuming the switch went on top of this...

Sadly, I've moved the set screw before I realized it was busted (It'll be a miracle if I can get it back to where it was). Now the camera acts funny while winding. Instead of stopping at 15 shots, it just keeps going and going like 220 is in it. The roll I shot like that came out, but it only took 9 photos, and the spacing was off on the last shot. I should also state that even though before I messed with this screw it stopped at 15, but only 10 fit on the 120 film. Assuming that quirk is part of that dial being broken.

I've heard of a guy in TN that repairs Pentax, but I thought I'd give this forum a shot to. I'd like to repair the camera before trying to return it. As is shot fine before I played around with it, although I could have never done 220 film if I never noticed this.

Any tips or thoughts?
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Link Posted 15/03/2014 - 17:01

Here it is.


Link Posted 20/03/2014 - 18:27
Hi Aaron,

The 10/21 switch basically sets the point at which the shutter stops being cocked on the film counter. With 120 film, the counter itself is driven until the backing paper has been fully wound onto the take-up spool (not sure about 220).

With 120 film, the shutter is no longer cocked when advancing after frame 10, but the film counter continues to run as you wind the backing paper onto the take-up spool - this usually stops around frame 14 or 15.

I have had problems with only 9 frames from 120 film, I think this was down to me loading the film incorrectly (trying to line the start mark up exactly with the line on the film) by leaving it close enough after full wind of the lever, the problem seems to have gone away.

I can't help with the screw setting, my 6x7 MLU has a rotating switch connected to the socket.

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