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Anyone else here got one of these?

I love mine, true a modern digi-compact makes at least as good a camera, but the 110 makes such a good conversation starter. I don't think I've met anyone who can resist commenting on it.


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They are gorgeous little cameras, have owned them, but the usefulness is very limited these days, especially if colour prints are not required.

A wonderful system designed around a very poor film cartridge.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one. I like to put a film through mine occasionally. I even made an adaptor out of OHP transparency so I can scan 110 negatives in my 35mm scanner. It's a bit basic, but it works.

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Link Posted 07/01/2007 - 11:37
I have one, with a few lenses. It would be nice if somebody would make a digital back for them.

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George Lazarette wrote:
I have one, with a few lenses. It would be nice if somebody would make a digital back for them.


well the sensors exist, the 4/3rds system is more or less the right size, of course the market is far too small so no one will ever do it


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I have one with the standard 24mm lens and the 50mm lens, but it has not been used for quite a few years.

Is 110 film still readily available and easily processed ?

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readily available is a strong term, it can be hard to get hold of, but Directfoto still process it and still send out Kodak replacement films. At least they did last time I shot a roll.

If you get Kodak 400 film you have to file the corner off the cassette though, because the cassettes are indexed as 100ASA (long tab) so you end up over exposed by 2 stops unless you modify them a bit.


Link Posted 23/01/2007 - 03:38
I don't about the UK but Japan Camera in Jackson Square in downtown Hamilton carries it.

I have one somewhere in a box and loved using it when it was new because it was so light etc, and now perhaps we could contact a Chinese firm and see if they would make one for us but which one.


Link Posted 21/02/2007 - 22:42
I know somebody who's been looking for a system for a while. They don't seem to come on the market very often, even though they're not competetive in terms of quality or convenience.

I really think they're dinky (I hope that word doesn't have other meanings ), but maybe I'd find it hard to justify, if not to me, then to the boss


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check out, you can get more or less anything related to System 10 from there. I've dealt with him a few times and he's always been great, even found me a couple of back caps which are very hard to get in Pentax 110 mount.


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When I check out that link
check out

I get an unrecognised URL. Have they changed, or are they defunct?

I'll try again, but I've had several tries so far.


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The link in your post works. The link in Mongoose's post has an extraneous comma after which is why his doesn't work. will get you there. Interesting stuff on that site.
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