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A few shots from a visit to Pensthorpe Reserve in Norfolk 2 weeks ago. These are my first images posted, so be gentle.

All taken with a Samsung GX10 and Tamron 28-200.

Red Squirrel




Mute Swan - I realise this is slightly out of focus, but I only just had time to turn the camera on and snap. Unfortunately it was on single autofocus.

Duck - not sure what this is. Any suggestions?

The only changes made to these is to resize for the forum. Otherwise they are as shot.

Any comments and suggestions gratefully received.


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These look OK to me, in fact they look a lot more than OK to me

It's difficult to assess fully without the originals but they look ok here and I have no idea what your mystery pancake filler is
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Some nice ones in there. I had the GX 20 camera. But there was a pixel problem with it and they would not fix it. Also the camera was no longer in production so could not be replaced. I was very sorry to not have it longer.

Regards Ian


Link Posted 16/05/2016 - 01:21
Lovely shots all. That Tamron is a nice lens; I use mine a lot.
All you need with these is to straighten one or two of them so that verticals ARE vertical (e.g. with the squirrel and the shoveller)
An excellent (and free) program that lets you do practically everything to an image, without a degree in jargon and graphics, is Faststone Image Viewer. Straightening with this is a doddle.
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The mute swan shot made me smile - exactly the sort of shot I end up with in similar circumstances - I never have the right settings dialed in when this sort of opportunity flies by - that said not bad at all - I have taken many that make this look like a masterpiece

Keep sharing - it's good for the soul

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