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So if I have just put a picture on the Gallery, and I am not a 'Paid up member' I can't put the same picture on here? I wanted to ask for C&C on here to compare it with what I got from the Gallery.


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The only restriction on posting images for "non-members" is the number you can post in the gallery per day, there is no restriction on how many you can include in forum posts in the "your photos" section, although people are far more likely to offer opinions on one or two images as opposed to five or six.

It is a good idea to ask for C&C in the forum before deciding if the image is good enough to upload to your gallery (assuming you need the C&C)
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Yes I want C&C.


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OK I've done it twice. Trying to put the picture on here. It's not here.So non paid up members are only allowed one piccy per day? Not complaining, just working out the parameteres I can work with.


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Images posted into a forum thread have to be hosted elsewhere and then linked to in a specifi way that then display the image on the forum page, you can find out how to do it in a "sticky" at the top of the your photos section.

"Sticky" is a term used for a forum thread/topic that stays at the top of a page where it can be easily found.
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To put an image into the forum, you can now just press the Image button below this message pane. A dialog box will appear, allowing you to select an imagew from your computer and upload it directly, like this:

There is no limit on how many times anyone can do this, but if you want replies then one or two images will give people a better chance to respond. Images must be JPEG and it's best if they don't exceed 1000 pixels and about 400K file size.
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OK. But I thought I read that NOW you could upload a photo from your hard drive.


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I didn't realise we'd progressed that far John, I'll have to give that a go.......

Wahey! it works, does this mean I can get rid of that annoying photobucket account
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Ok interesting net connection.? It is finally there. C&C please. Assuming C&C means comments and critism.
Nope. I Don't care how CRITI*** should be be spelled .
Not used to being CRITI THINGYED. Maybe there should be a Y in there somewhere?
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I like your bird landing. Did you get the splash as well?


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SlightlySoiled wrote:

I like it. I'm expecting to see a deity or two to pop out of the brightness and say profound in a booming voice.
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Attention Smeggy. Lightroomed to hell. So much Light and Dark.This is the problem. I like taking photos into the Sun and then finding out what I can do with them.
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Can you correct the spelling in your signature section please? Is that a "definitely" going to be done?
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One day you'll find, 10yrs have got behind you.

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