Outer Hebrides - Blues


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Hi all... a third set from my Hebrides trip in February. They were all taken over the course of the trip on different days, and different places, but are bound together by mood and colour palette, as much as anything else: the weather, as I've said elsewhere, can, and does, change on a sixpence in the Hebrides. Quite a few of these were taken in the rain and high winds. One after a dusting of snow. And many others, particularly the wave abstracts, in overcast low light. I've been wanting to do a wave project for a while, so was delighted to have an opportunity to do so here... it's a subject I'll be returning to again, I'm sure.... All K1 and various lenses, inc A 20 2.8, DFA 24-70, PLM 55-300.

1. Wave, Bagh a Deas, Vatersay.

2. Dawn, Tangasdale, Barra

3. Wave, Tangasdale, Barra

4. Tangasdale, Barra, Early morning

5. Wave, Bagh a Deas, Vatersay

6. Traigh Tuath (Craigston), Barra. Long exposure.

7. Wave, Tangasdale, Barra

8. Cleit, Barra

9. Wave, Tangasdale, Barra

10. Cleit, Barra

11. Wave, Bagh a Deas, Vatersay

12. Allathasdal, Barra

13. Allathasdal, Barra

14. Tangasdale, Barra, First Light

15. Eriskay, Early Morning storm.

All thoughts, comments, observations etc. very welcome as ever...




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Another great set Bill - full of mood (as you say). For me the waves stand out especially nos 1, 5 & 11 - what shutter speeds were used to get that effect (if you don't mind my asking)? The greyness reminds me of our trip 5 years ago to the Outer Hebrides - a lot of rain accompanied us!


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These are your best Outer Hebrides ones yet Bill.

Love the wave abstracts...particularly No.s 3,1,5 in that order and if I had to pick a couple of favourites from the non -waves
i'd go for 6 and 15 in that order.

Enjoyed the whole set though. Most of these would look really good framed as wall art.




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Some lovely images here again Bill - can't pick out a favourite simply because they all hold their own appeal and are so well done! Your colours are subtle yet deep and the overall feel is of dramatic tranquillity

One observation of your work is that you don't appear to crop/change the format significantly (or is it aspect ratio?) very often. I suspect that you do a lot of your composition in the viewfinder but occasionally a shot may be better suited to a slimmer (or taller) cropped shot? As an example, No.2 with the bottom third cropped off and making the horizon the centre line would be a different image - it's a lovely shot either way, and you would lose the line in the sand that reaches into the bottom right corner - which may have part of your aim, maybe?

Not a criticism in any way (i'm not qualified to criticise work of your standard) - just an observation


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Very nice as usual; your work seems to distill a place down to it's essential beauty.


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Another great set.
I particularly like and lingered over the wave shots, yes, yes and thrice yes.
In number 7, is that rain that is causing the line effect?
No. 11 love the translucent/transient wave combined with the play of light
but which one would I like you to have printed large as a gift when you find yourself this way..................mmmmmmmm....................No.9 I think. Now I just need to buy a nice holiday home by the sea to mount it in.


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definitely my favorite pics from what you have posted regarding your recent hebrides trip. excellent work


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Of the wave shots, number 5 is easily the outstanding one for me. Generally though, I prefer your landscapes, and of those I would select numbers 4 and 6 for their gentle tranquility.



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Another nice set. The first two really grab me

My Flickr page


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Pentaxophile wrote:
your work seems to distill a place down to it's essential beauty.

Very well said and I wholeheartedly share this assessment.

In this series, nį 8 brings a welcome change of pace, yet fits in perfectly with the rest of the landscapes. The waves, to me, don't fit in the same way - I enjoy them for what they are, but don't feel they would necessarily have been photographed in a specific geographic place. They are, however, in the same emotional space.

I would love to see these in print.


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Thanks Andy, Karlo, John, Will, Nigel, Stosser, Philip, Peter, Serge for thoughts/comments on these...

Andy, I find shutter speed tends to vary with these depending on how fast any specific wave is breaking; parts of a second either way can make quite a big difference to the wave forms, but with these I was around half or second or so, or just under...

John, thanks for your thoughts re composition... you're right, I do tend to try to do it all in the viewfinder... occasionally I'll recompose/crop after the event (no.11 is quite a tight crop), and occasionally I'll have a play with aspect ratios, but not as often as maybe I should (I often find myself admiring square formats in others' work in particular)...No.2 is actually one of a whole set of shots that I built around the residue of wave lines in the sand (which changed every time a wave came further up the beach every 30 seconds or so), which were gt fun to do... almost a timed compositional challenge before each one was washed away... hadn't considered how the shot might look as a pano with the foreground removed, but will certainly have a look...

Nigel, the rain like effect is actually from a breaking wave in the background in this particular instance... there's a tad of ICM in that shot too (3 and 7 as well)... I've put together a set of ICMs/Multiple Exposures from the trip that I'll post in a few days...

Serge, thanks for the observation re change of pace with 8... yes, felt like a different kind of a photograph to the others at the time... slightly more documentary in style... very wet and windy when I took it... I agree re thoughts re the waves... emotionally consistent, geographically less specific (although funnily enough the idea occurred to me because of the specific conditions at the time - low light bouncing off the faces)...

Karlo, Will, Stosser, Philip, Peter... thanks for thoughtful comments, observations and particular favourites... always useful, and much appreciated my end...

Will post some ICM/Multiple Exposures from the trip in a few days when I have a mo...




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5, 11 and 1 in that order for me, as ever this is a fantastically accomplished set.
I agree with Serge that the wave shots in isolation could be from anywhere geographically but yet follow the theme and feel of the set as a whole.
I think there is a lot that you could offer to people that would like to learn, have you ever considered doing workshops ?
I know what i like, If not always why.


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thingsthatihaveseen wrote:
Thanks Andy, Karlo, John, Will, Nigel, Stosser, Philip, Peter, Serge for thoughts/comments on these...

Andy, I find shutter speed tends to vary with these depending on how fast any specific wave is breaking; parts of a second either way can make quite a big difference to the wave forms, but with these I was around half or second or so, or just under...

Thanks for the info!


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Thanks both... Derek, thanks for thoughts re these... re workshops, I have had quite a few requests over the last year, particularly from camera clubs that Iíve spoken at... itís something that Iíd love to do... but the completely unpredictable nature of my day job makes it currently not really feasible (itís very difficult to put anything in the diary with any degree of reliability, unfortunately)... will update here if anything should change on that front...




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The wave shots here are stunning and are the stand-outs in this set, but I also love the shot of the rotting caravan and number 15 (early morning storm) is tremendous too. Very high quality.

BTW, apologies for not commenting on previous sets, tbh I haven't logged into the site for several months, mostly due to a lack of my own photographic activity. Must get back into the groove.


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