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The body is a bit smaller, it look even smaller than it is due to its shape, but the standard body grip is larger front to back and it stands out from the font of the body almost twice as much as the K10/20, and the inside face is at 90 degrees not 30 degrees, this give it a far more positive grip and finally the front is much more deeply sculpted.

I find that it fits very nicely in the hand, and I have found that things that fit nicely in the hand can give a lot of pleasure.


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Having played with the K-7 all day on Sunday at the Stowe meet, I just confirmed my own thoughts that I'd need the grip with it too. I've had one with the *istD and K10D, and just find it so much more comfortable. Although the body shape of the K-7 felt better, I'll still prefer it with the grip.

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My K-7 fund took another dive last night after winning a DA 35mm f2.8 macro on Ebay
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ohh well... I hope you enjoy the 35mm...
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I have one on backorder at Amazon for 311 (which in itself is a good price) but there was a mint on finishing on Ebay so I stuck a 250 max bid on and got it for 240.

If anyone wants my Amazon one for 311 brand new let me know within the next few days (due in around 8th Sept) otherwise I will cancel it (New price is now nearly 450).
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Mike-P wrote:
beakynet wrote:
I am jealous! I have the money, just not allowed to spend it

I have the money, I just don't WANT to spend it

I don't have the money, can I borrow some?

Alternatively, think of it as a charity donation, you know your money will be spent wisely.
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